Premier Services

As a full service realty company we not only buy and sell, manage and maintain, but we also offer our clients premier services such as realty consultation. I Know Consulting is designed to assist potential investors in doing the necessary research and due diligence in purchasing the perfect property. In order to tackle this feat, we generate an array of reports, analysis, and evaluations on the prospective property or portfolio. Our services include:

  • Portfolio evaluation report
  • Condition report
  • Long-term portfolio strategy
  • Optimal timing of major actions including:
    • Acquisitions and disposals
    • Financial reports on cash flow, ROI, Overhead, and Carry expenses

Property Evaluation Report

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This report includes the following

  • Details about the subject property along with side by side comparison of similar properties
  • An evaluation of the overall real estate market in the area
  • Statements of issues that are harmfull to the property’s value such as poor access to the property
  • Notations about seriously flawed characteristics such as crumbling foundation
  • An estimate of the average sales time for the property
  • Type of area the home is in, such as development, stand alone, acreage
  • Minimize suprises or risk by guiding you through typical expense catagories and showing you the cash flows
  • Purchase summary
  • Buy and hold projections
  • Detailed rent summary
  • Amortization
  • Maps and Photos


With I Know Consulting reports and evaluations you will spend only minutes instead of hours analyzing a rental property. You will base your investment decisions on numbers and take emotions out of the decision making process. With our services you will get an instant valuation, plus property prices, and selling trends with a property evaluation report. Use one if you are buying or selling your home to get the best price, or to sneak a peek at whether a property’s value has increased or decreased. Either way knowledge is power! So let us assist you on your real estate journey.