Tempo Realty Group

Buying, selling or just looking – we have just what you need. Realtors, sales assistants, one on one service, and a large base of interested parties all contributing to quality and efficient business strategies. Looking to buy or sell a property can be an overwhelming process. We, at Tempo Realty, can relate and understand the physical stress and emotional ware that one experiences when dealing in the business of real estate, because we are homeowners and investors, buyers and sellers. Our personal experience and the lessons learned are what we use to ensure our clients incur the least amount of headaches but enjoy the greatest gains. 

  • SELLERS: If you’re ready to sell your investment property(s) we have a large quantity of willing buyers at our disposal. We will gladly list your property and get you the price you request.
  • NEWBIES: For clients new to the real estate business we have compiled a roster of home inspectors, appraisers, mortgage bankers, attorneys, mortgage brokers, construction contractors and the like.  We do this simply because it’s one less thing for you to worry about.
  • MONEY!!: At the end of the day the bottom line is about the money. Times are challenging and financing has become quite difficult to attain. Knowing this we offer various creative financing strategies to secure the purchasing of a property. We offer properties on lease option, rent to own, and seller financing.